Gymove - Fitness Bootstrap Admin Dashboard


Gymove - Fitness Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

This documentation is last updated on 05 February 2024

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Installation -

1.- Install Node.js

To compile Sass via the command line first, we need to install node.js. The easiest way is downloading it from the official website open the package and follow the wizard.

2.- Initialize NPM

NPM is the Node Package Manager for JavaScript. NPM makes it easy to install and uninstall third party packages. To initialize a Sass project with NPM, open your terminal and CD (change directory) to your project folder.

npm init

Once in the correct folder, run the command npm init. You will be prompted to answer several questions about the project, after which NPM will generate a package.json file in your folder.

3.- Install Sass

Sass is an NPM package that compiles Sass to CSS (which it does very quickly too). To install sass run the following command in your terminal: npm install [email protected]

npm install [email protected]
4.- Write Sass Command

Everything is ready to write a small script in order to compile Sass. Open the package.json file in a code editor. You will see something like this: In the scripts section add an scss command

"scripts": {
  "sass": "sass --watch scss/main.scss css/style.css"
5.- Run the Script

To execute our one-line script, we need to run the following command in the terminal: npm run sass

npm run sass

Folder Directories -

  • images

    This folder contains all the images of Gymove template.

  • fonts

    This folder font files for various template features.

  • css

    This folder contains all the CSS files of Gymove template.

  • js

    This folder has all javascript files for various template features.

  • vendor

    This folder has all plugins used in the template.

  • script

    This folder has all script contact form used in the template.

  • scss

    Scss File

HTML File-

  • xhtml
    • css
    • icons
      • avasta
      • feather
      • flaticon
      • font-awesome-old
      • helveticaNeue
      • icomoon
      • line-awesome
      • material-design-iconic-font
      • simple-line-icons
      • themify-icons
    • images
      • avatar
      • big
      • card
      • product
      • profile
      • tab
    • js
      • dashboard
      • plugins-init
    • scss
      • abstracts
      • base
      • components
        • app
        • charts
        • forms
        • ico
        • map
        • tables
        • uc
        • ui
        • widget
      • layout
        • footer
        • header
        • rtl
        • sidebar
        • theme
        • typography
        • version-dark
        • version-transparent
      • pages
    • vendor
      • amcharts
      • animate
      • aos
      • apexchart
      • bootstrap
      • bootstrap4-notify
      • bootstrap-daterangepicker
      • bootstrap-material-datetimepicker
      • bootstrap-multiselect
      • bootstrap-select
      • bootstrap-tagsinput
      • bootstrap-touchspin
      • bootstrap-v4-rtl
      • chart.js
      • chartist
      • chartist-plugin-tooltips
      • clockpicker
      • datatables
      • dropzone
      • flot
      • flot-spline
      • fullcalendar
      • global
      • highlightjs
      • jquery
      • jquery-asColor
      • jquery-asColorPicker
      • jquery-asGradient
      • jquery-sparkline
      • jquery-steps
      • jqueryui
      • jquery-validation
      • jqvmap
      • metismenu
      • moment
      • morris
      • nestable2
      • nouislider
      • peity
      • perfect-scrollbar
      • pickadate
      • raphael
      • select2
      • summernote
      • svganimation
      • sweetalert2
      • toastr
      • wnumb
    • index.html
    • index2.html
    • workout-statistic.html
    • workoutplan.html
    • distance-map.html
    • food-menu.html
    • personal-record.html
    • .....

Credits -

HTML Structure -

Head Section




Footer Section


Footer Essentials


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Version History - #back to top

v2.1 - 05 February 2024
  • Update
    1. scss variable update
    2. scss function update
    3. scss error resolve
v2.0 - 16 September 2023
  • Added
    1. Flaticon integration now available for enhanced design options and resources.
    2. SVG Icon integration now available for expanded design options and resources.
    3. Feather integration for the best user experiences and design options.
    4. Included CMS page for Content management system.
    5. Added dark theme for an enhanced user experience and accessibility.
    6. Added CKEditor to enhance the user's content editing experience.
    7. Tagify integrated with jQuery for user-friendly input tag management.
    8. handleshowPass integrated with jQuery for user-friendly input tag management.
    9. handelBootstrapSelect integrated with jQuery for user-friendly input tag management.
  • Update
    1. Updated to Bootstrap 5 for enhanced features and improved performance.
    2. jQuery v3.7.0 for enhanced interactivity and functionality.
    3. jQuery ui for enhanced interactivity and functionality.
    4. Font Awesome v6 for more icons and customization.
    5. OWL carousel Updated for better image display.
    6. Apex Chart Advanced interactive chart with real-time updates.
    7. Upgraded Bootstrap Select for improved dropdown select functionality.
    8. Updated Chart JS library for enhanced data visualization capabilities.
    9. Updated Flot Chart library for enhanced data visualization capabilities.
    10. Updated Chartist library for enhanced data visualization capabilities.
    11. Migrated to NouiSlider for smoother and more user-friendly sliders.
    12. SweetAlert2 for Attractive and customizable pop-up alerts.
    13. Select2 Feature-rich and customizable dropdown select experience.
    14. Recent update enhances Light Gallery with improved performance and new customizable features for a better user experience.
    15. DataTables now offers new features, bug fixes, and improved performance for seamless data table integration.
    16. Documentation Revised and enhanced for better understanding.
    17. Full Calendar updated for improved responsiveness and performance enhancements.
  • Design Update
    1. Email pages now features a left sidebar for mobile size.
    2. Full Calender better responsive for user.
  • Bug Fixed
    1. Design issues resolved for consistent, polished visuals.
    2. Fixed HTML W3 validation errors for better accessibility.
    3. Addressed Firefox scrolling for smoother browsing experience.
v1.0 - 23 December 2020
  • New - Created & Upload Gymove